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American Sign Language

How Sign Language Helps To Meet Diverse Needs In The Classroom?

Education reforms in the 21st century, along with changing needs and diversity in the classroom, require varied and effective teaching methods to provide meaningful learning experiences for children. A comprehensive,
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sensorial activities

Why Sensorial Activities are Important for the Children’s Growth?

Learning begins at birth when a child observes through their senses (e.g., sight, taste, smell, hearing, touch). This is the reason why newborns respond to sound and touch. Sensory learning
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Montessori education

An Introduction to the World of Montessori Education

Introduction Early childhood education is a process that starts from birth and continues until the age of 8. This period is a crucial stage in the development of the child’s
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semantic memory

How does Montessori education help to develop semantic memory at an early age?

Education is the central way to procure knowledge. Early childhood education is of the utmost importance as it not only forms a foundation for learning but it also affects the
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Montessori Curriculum

What is Included in the Montessori Curriculum?

As parents, we are always worried when choosing an education system for our children. But, have you ever heard of an education system that emphasizes the learning process instead of
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