This video lesson guides the child to peel and slice a satsuma orange. It enables them to perform their tasks independently and lend a hand in the daily household chores.

The activity educates the child with the practical life skill of peeling fruit and helps to develop order, coordination, and independence. It strengthens the finger muscles and increases concentration.

Materials Required –
1. Tray
2. Satsuma Orange
3. Bowls

Repeat this activity by inviting the child to peel an orange, as shown in the video. Such activities instill a sense of independence and help in boosting their confidence. Guide the child to take good care of the environment by responsibly disposing of the vegetable peels.

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Video Created by: Kata Lovassy



Primary | Practical Life | Food Preparation | Peeling and Slicing Satsuma Orange (English)
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  • English
  • food preparation
  • Practical Life
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