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About Us

An international, multicultural, multilingual group of Montessorians dedicated to the development and education of children

GMN provides access to a variety of resources (e.g., videos and documents, a curated collection of online resources, and a bibliography of Montessori related content) for administrators, guides, parents, and others.

Through an active Facebook Group, GMN has fostered a safe space for Montessorians to collaborate, network, and communicate in order to improve and strengthen the Montessori community. Periodic webinars organized by GMN provide opportunities for professional development and networking.


The GMN journey starts here…

Montessori education
GMN was established in March, 2020 in the midst of the looming COVID-19 global pandemic. Co-founded by Joanne Shango and Magdalena Ponurska, they recognized the need for Montessorians to adapt in these challenging and changing times in order to continue to provide quality Montessori education to children. The first step in bringing this vision to fruition was the creation of a Facebook Group. This was shortly followed by the launch of a website. The need for quality childhood education is a constant. Now more than ever Montessori education is necessary in order to unite the global community. GMN strives to promote Montessori methods and provide resources to further the acceptance and implementation of Montessori education throughout the world.


Leadership Team

Joanne shango, co-founder of Global Montessori Network

Joanne Shango

Joanne graduated from Mercy High School in Farmington Hills, and studied at the University of Michigan with a concentration in Painting and Drawing… Read More

Magdalena Ponurska, co-founder of Global Montessori Network

Magdalena Ponurska

Magdalena graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Psychology. She is trained in Team Management and Leadership… Read More

Mike Flynn, co-founder of Global Montessori Network

Mike Flynn

Mike is a lover of wisdom and learning. He learned about Montessori from his philosophical mentor who provided him a copy of the incredible book… Read More

Communications and Marketing

William Haworth- Marketing and Communication of Global Montessori Network

William Haworth is one of the nation’s most widely recognized senior public relations strategists and counselors whose professional representation for a wide array of clients worldwide spans more than three decades.A former award-winning reporter and editor for major-market radio and television stations and the ABC Radio Network, Haworth is presently a principal partner of Integrated Strategies, a firm he founded in 1997.

Haworth has provided strategic consultation and senior public relations counsel to many of the nation’s top Fortune 100 companies’ communications and marketing issues including: Allied Signal, National Milk Producers Association, Denny’s Restaurants, NIKE, Sega, Bank of America, Aetna, Astra-Zeneca, Metromedia and Hoffman-LaRoche.


William Haworth
ISPR/Integrated Strategies
Public Relations


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