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Montessori in the digital era!

why learning phonics is important

Is Phonics the Best Way to Learn the Language?

Historically, children were taught to read through a process of memorizing the letter name but couldn’t read accurately. Today, children can easily read words and sentences. Have you ever thought about why? This is because children learn to read through advanced skills like phonics, which was missing in the education curriculum of the bygone era. Phonics knowledge is the most important skill for an early reader. In the English language, there are two words called graphene and phoneme. Graphene is

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importance of cursive writing

Importance of learning cursive writing for children in the age of tablets

Cursive writing is not just an aesthetic pursuit; it’s a form of self-expression. But it is becoming a lost art in the digital era. With the increasing use of smartphones, laptops, and tablets for reading and writing text, does cursive writing still matter, or has it become an outdated learning tool in this age of tablets? Many of us will say yes, in the age of tablets and learning apps, writing on paper is getting lost. But do you know

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