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Montessori in the digital era!

montessori at home

A Complete Guide on How to Setup Montessori at Home

Montessori education has been proven to be one of the best systems for children, as it teaches them how to learn through self-discovery and has a strong focus on the development of the whole child. The Montessori activities are thus designed to be easily set up in a home setting. It is because of its principles; Children are often better

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Montessori principles

12 Select Principles of Montessori Education

The Montessori method of education was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori through an iterative process of experimentation and observation. The principles of her method are based on the idea that children can learn through self-directed exploration. The Montessori method emphasizes the importance of a child’s social and emotional development, independence, creativity, and freedom within an educational environment. Let us learn

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montessori criticism

8 Misconceptions About Montessori Education

Even though Montessori education has been in existence for over 100 years, it is still a very misunderstood method of instruction. According to the National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector (NCMPS), there are approximately 20,000 Montessori schools worldwide. The USA Montessori Census has so far attracted over 2,700 Montessori schools.   This implies that, while most people have

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benefits of montessori education

8 Ways in Which Montessori Education Can Help Your Child Succeed

Montessori education is an educational model that follows the principles established by Maria Montessori. It is a child-centered approach to education, and the methods used in Montessori education focus on nurturing children’s natural abilities and talents in an environment that encourages independence and self-directed learning. But how does Montessori education help in a child’s development?    In this article, we

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why learning phonics is important

Is Phonics the Best Way to Learn the Language?

Historically, children were taught to read through a process of memorizing the letter name but couldn’t read accurately. Today, children can easily read words and sentences. Have you ever thought about why? This is because children learn to read through advanced skills like phonics, which was missing in the education curriculum of the bygone era. Phonics knowledge is the most

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