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Montessori math video lessons
Learning Mathematics has never been easier. Getting a good grip in Math fundamentals, through understanding and practice, will tend to develop your child’s brain on a logical way and help you to grasp the concept in all other subjects with greater speed and efficency. We have a comprehensive library full of math & geometry resources which can be used by children from kindergarten to 6th grade. In these video lessons, children set their foot into the world of all the fun and interesting concepts in Math, like fractions, part of a circle, distributive law, et cetera Since kids are more receptive to learning, when it is associated more with play than with work.
It is a good idea for parents to expose kids to math in fun ways. Our video math resources are very interactive and will help your child understand the concept with ease. With the help of tools like bead frames our video lessons ensure innovative ways of teaching by our experts, the ideas and concepts are sure to stay etched in your child’s minds forever. We have aimed at making Math as fun and easy to understand as possible.
Importance of Montessori math lessons

Frequently Asked Questions

A child as young as 4 can start learning math. Identifying basic shapes like squares, triangles and things like reading the clock can happen at an even younger age.
Math is an important part of learning for children when they are at a tender age. Mathematics not only helps children learn basic math skills but also life skills.
Although most children don’t understand the concept behind math, they can start learning addition by the age of 5. Engage your child in basic math problems and you’ll know by the pace of their susceptibility to these concepts.
Yes, definitely.

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