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Montessori Bibliography Online

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This bibliography includes content: by Maria Montessori, about Maria Montessori, about the worldwide Montessori movement, related to the application and implementation of Maria Montessori’s pedagogical techniques and principles, and other related materials. This collection of sources has been built on a solid foundation of bibliographies previously compiled by other individuals and organizations: Mary Maher Boehnlein, Gilbert E. Donahue, Nancy McCormick Rambusch, George L. Stevens, Reginald C. Orem, D. Renee Pendleton, Clara Tornar, Paola Trabalzini, the North American Montessori Teachers’ Association, and the Opera Nazionale Montessori.

The purpose of this bibliography is to improve upon this work by others in two ways: (1) update and add more source content, and (2) provide links to digitized source material when available. In order to update and add more sources, a variety of databases and resources have been consulted: Google ScholarERICGoogle Books, Internet Archive, HathiTrust Digital LibraryJSTORProjectMUSEAfrican Journals OnlineSabinet African JournalsDirectory of Open Access JournalsProQuest databases, EBSCO databases, historic newspaper collections, major academic publishers (SpringerTaylor & FrancisWileyScienceDirectSAGE Journals, and others), academic institutional repositories, archival collections, as well as other digital collections available through libraries and archives worldwide.

Extensive effort has been taken to include links to source materials when they are publicly accessible; links to content available only behind paywalls are purposely excluded. Priority has been given to persistent content hosted by well-established institutions. When content is not available through a reliably hosted site, but is available through a less reliable site, a link to the less reliable site has been included. Quality control mechanisms to ensure the persistent stability of these links will be implemented.

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Montessori in India
Montessori Education in the African American Community
Montessori across Africa


Maria Montessori
Mario M. Montessori
Albert Max Joosten
Nancy McCormick Rambusch

Compiled and maintained by Joel Parham