flower dissection

This botany lesson is designed for 3 to 6-year-old children. It enables the child to learn about the different parts of a flower using a beautiful Azalea flower.

The video lesson guides the child to carefully dissect a flower using a knife and identify the different parts of a flower, namely, pistol, petals, corolla, stamen, and calyx.

This activity helps the child to develop a relationship with nature as they learn about the flower’s basic structure.

Take a flower from your garden and invite the child to dissect a flower, as shown in the video. Help the child learn and practice the names of the various parts of a flower.

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Video Created by: Bronia Birkbeck (Building Futures Education)

Primary | Science | Botany | Flower Dissection (English)

This video has been added and used with the author’s permission. It is also available on the author’s YouTube, here.