Four Square Pictures and Words Method

This video lesson is designed for 6-12 year old children and introduces them to the four square writing method.

In this writing method, the sheet is divided into four squares and the child is guided to group similar objects into different boxes. Further, the child matches the picture cards with their respective word cards.

This activity enables the child to classify objects grouped by similar traits and increase short-term memory. It allows them to connect the pictures with words and develop order, concentration, and visual-motor skills.

Invite the child to repeat this activity. Help them collect some objects from around the house and ask them to group and match them with pictures, as shown in the video. Such activities enable the child to boost confidence and improve their working memory.

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Video Created by: Jodi Qualters (Montessori in the Park, Goodyear, Arizona)

Elementary | Language | Four Square Writing Method Level 1: Pictures and Words (English)


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