Book: Friends, by Helen Oxenbury


ヘレン・オクセンバリーは、1938年6月にイギリスで生まれたイラストレーター兼ライターです。 彼女の作品は子供向けの絵本に焦点を当てています。 モンテッソーリの哲学に適合した幅広い児童書があります。




3.デザインのシンプルさ。 子供が本を楽しむために過度に刺激される必要はないと信じられて



Friends, by Helen Oxembury 

The Author

Helen Oxenbury is an English illustrator and writer who was born in June 1938. Her work has been focused on picture books for children. Helen has an extensive series of children’s books to suit the Montessori philosophy.

Brief Description of the Book

Friends is a book that teaches children to be kind to animals. Illustrations in this book show a little kid sitting next to a rabbit, hugging a dog, hugging a guinea pig, listening to birdsong, sleeping next to a cat, walking next to a chicken, and feeding ducks. These illustrations also help young children to develop the confidence to get close to pets and farm animals.

How can We Identify the Books that are Appropriated For Children According to the Montessori Method?

1. Non-fiction books. Since children under 6 years old still cannot differentiate reality from fantasy, the Montessori philosophy recommends that young children’s storybooks do not include fantasy.
2. Montessori philosophy advises using books where pictures or drawings resemble reality.
3. Simplicity in design. As with the materials used for learning activities, it is suggested that the books keep that simplicity, it is considered that the child does not need to be over-stimulated to be able to enjoy a book.
4. Stories that help the children to develop vocabulary and at the same time cultivate values such as respect, kindness, generosity, responsibility, empathy, etc.


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