Book: Little animals with their mother

藪内正幸, 1940年、大阪府港区に生まれた。小学生のころから鳥や動物を見たり描いたりするのが好きで、鳥や動物を愛し、それらを精魂込めて描き続けた。鳥や動物たちの生きる場としての環境保護にも深い関心を持っていた。









Little Animals With Their Mothers,  by Masayuki Yubuuchi

The Author

Masayuki Yabuuchi, born in 1940 in Minato Ward, Osaka Prefecture. He has been fond of seeing and drawing birds and animals since he was in elementary school, and he loved birds and animals and continued to draw them with all his might. He was also deeply interested in protecting the environment as a place for birds and animals to live.

Brief Description of the Book

By reading this book, children will be able to understand the cute relationship between small animals and their mothers. Most of the animals depicted in the book are wild animals and wild animals, which were wonderfully hand-painted by Dr. Masayuki Yuzuuchi. By looking at the illustrations in this book, children will also develop an artistic sense.

How to Identify the Age-appropriate Books for Children According to the Montessori Method?

  1. Non-fiction books. Since children under 6 years old still cannot differentiate reality from fantasy, the Montessori philosophy recommends that young children’s storybooks do not include fantasy
  2. Montessori philosophy advises using books where pictures or drawings resemble reality.
  3. Simplicity in design. As with the materials used for learning activities, it is suggested that the books keep that simplicity, it is considered that the child does not need to be over-stimulated to be able to enjoy a book.
  4. Stories that help the children to develop vocabulary and at the same time cultivate values such as respect, kindness, generosity, responsibility, empathy, etc.



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