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This language lesson is designed for a 3-6-year-old (kindergarten) child to introduce new words and help improve their vocabulary. The video also suggests few activities associated with it.

What is the Importance of Vocabulary?

A young child picks up new words at the rate of 200 per day! By the age of 6, children can add 12000 words to their vocabulary. Therefore, talking to children of the 3-6 year age group is very important. As parents and teachers, we must provide an environment that is rich with language(s). A young child can easily pick up any language that is well-spoken from their surroundings and the environment we create.

The famed Three-period name lesson devised by Dr. Eduard Seguin is a Montessori favorite among parents and children. With his prescribed method, learning new concepts and words for children has never been so easy. The three periods of lessons to learn new vocabulary are a) introduction, b) identification and c) cognition.

Watch the video to know more about the three-period lesson and how to introduce it to the child.

Here are some activities to help improve vocabulary:

  1. Good old show and tell: Make this a family activity. You can pick up any household object and talk as much as you want about it. For example; talk about the food you eat, the ingredients that went into it, etc
  2. Choose a topic- Let’s start with one topic and say a word related to that topic that comes first to mind. Go on until someone runs out of words!.
  3. Working from home? There’s still a way to increase your child’s vocabulary as you continue to work from home Find a lovely audiobook, and let the child draw or paint as they listen to it. Leave them with some ground rules about interacting with you while carrying out the given task. (saying excuse me, using a waiting hand, waiting for your office call to finish)
  4. If the child is attracted to trains/cars/dolls or even whales, introduce them to every single kind of whale or fishes. Use the internet to find the related pictures and names or browse the encyclopedia to show them pictures of different whales. Of course, knowing Paleontologist Barbie or Astronaut Barbie won’t hurt their vocabulary. Anyways knowing what the sperm whale looks like is considered cool at age 6
  5. Hide and Speak!: The child hides an object in a basket and covers it with a cloth. He or she then gives clues to the sibling or the adult about the thing hidden, without revealing the name. The other person has to guess the object and check if they’re right!

Invite the child to play the name lesson activities as shown in the video. Let them learn new words that come across and help to improve child’s proficiency in vocabulary.

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