This video lesson is designed for 3-6-year-old children. It helps to understand the importance of reading for children during the early development stage.It also guides us on how to instill reading habbits in children through various activities.

Reading is a natural milestone in a child’s life. The ability to interpret someone else’s thoughts and understand them is similar to the child’s ability to listen and comprehend what we speak.

Through reading, children can learn 40-50% more words than any other means like television or smartphones. It gives them access to an excellent toolkit to communicate to the world.

Language development is lovely and unique in the Montessori method of learning. It follows a child-led approach and offers many ways to inspire them to read.

Thus, establishing reading cues and creating the right environment goes a long way to raising young readers.

Establishing Reading Cues

Provide an environment that encourages children to read and help them discover the world through reading. A bedtime reading ritual serves as a cue for calm reading and for getting into bed at the right time.

Creating the Right Environment

a: Read aloud to children- Reading aloud to children is an excellent way to catch a child’s attention. They acquire early language skills, understand the phonic sound and build listening skills.

b: Let children choose books- Let the child choose the books they want to read. Montessori reading materials are visual and multisensorial. It motivates and inspires them to read. It encourages children to visualize everything they learn and to use all their senses.

Watch the video for simple activities to enhance reading habits in children.

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