This video lesson is designed for 3-6-year-old children. It talks about the importance of introducing writing before reading and a few activities to enhance writing skills.

Writing is such an essential skill for children aged 3-6. Have you ever wondered how do children learn writing in the Montessori environment?

Dr. Maria Montessori discovered that introducing writing before reading is the most efficient and effective way for children to learn the art of reading. She coined the concept as “explosion into writing”. The Montessori materials and methods support children in writing as it lays the foundation for learning to read.

She once said, “writing skills can be developed easily and spontaneously in a little child in the same way as speech, which is also a motor translation of sounds. Reading, on the other hand, forms a part of abstract intellectual culture. It interprets ideas acquired by graphic symbols and is acquired only later.” (Montessori, 1967,p 199)

The first step of writing is phonetic and cursive. Children can write on paper easily by identifying and stringing the sounds of words. It also helps in improving handwriting and overcoming spelling and autographic difficulties.

Watch the video to know more about how writing is introduced to a child and associated writing activities. These activities will help children to write fluidly and continuously.

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