This video lesson is designed for 6-9-year-old children. It guides through the concept of geometry with the help of activities, and how it came into existence.

Geometry is born through human tendencies, order, orientation, and a need for precision.

In Montessori, geometry is introduced at an early stage with the help of sensorial materials such as the triangle boxes, the geometric cabinet, and the geometric bases and solids. Montessori materials are exquisitely designed and are tailored to meet child needs.

The child aged 6-9 years discovers the properties of whatever they explored in the past. The child begins to define simple geometric terms and express concepts on their own.

Introduction to geometry basics is fun for the children. There are shapes all around us, and we use geometry concepts every day without realizing it. By introducing children to geometry step-by-step, children grasp the concepts quickly. The enjoyment of the exploration comes naturally when they measure the earth and everything in it.

Let the children discover theorems and properties instead of mugging with the Montessori sensorial materials.

Watch the video to learn more about geometry and the activities associated with it.

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