different types of lines

This video lesson is designed for 6 to 12-year-old children. In this geometry lesson, we will be learning about the different types of lines.


In our daily life, we all see different types of lines in our surroundings – For example, corners of the wall, stairs, roads, school, notebooks, etc. 

Let us understand what a line is. A line is a geometric shape that has no ends. It can extend in both directions.

What are different types of lines?

In this video, we will discuss 8 types of lines:

  1. Horizontal Line.
  2. Vertical Line.
  3. Perpendicular line.
  4. Intersecting lines.
  5. Oblique Lines
  6. Divergent lines.
  7. Convergent Lines.
  8. Parallel Lines.


This video is divided into two parts. 

In part one, horizontal, vertical, perpendicular, intersecting, and oblique lines are described using bars. 

In the second part, divergent, convergent, and parallel lines are explained as a story using human cutouts. 


Let us understand different types of line 

What is a Horizontal Line?

A line that is parallel to the x-axis is called a horizontal line. It is also called a sleeping line – For example, the length of a table or a notebook, etc.

What is a Vertical line?

A line that is parallel to the y-axis is called a vertical line. It is also called a standing line – For example, the height of the wall or a fence, etc.

What is a Perpendicular line?

When two lines intersect each other at a given point and the angle formed between them is 90 degrees, they are said to be perpendicular to each other – for example, the length and height of the room, holy cross, etc.

What is an Oblique line?

A straight line that is neither horizontal nor vertical is called an oblique line. It is also called a slanting line – For example, staircase railing, etc.

What is an intersecting line?

When two or more lines meet each other at a particular point, these lines are known as intersecting lines – For example, a pair of scissors, etc.

What is a parallel line?

When two lines do not meet at any point in a plane surface and are parallel to each other. As shown in the video, the two human cutouts never meet each other. Real-life examples are railway tracks or a stack of identical books, etc. 

What are convergent lines?

Two lines are said to be convergent when their ends are in close proximity. It means they will meet at a point when we get closer and closer towards the end. For example, the perspective of the railway track, etc.

What are divergent lines?

When two lines move in different directions from a common point, they are said to be diverging from each other – For example, a flowing river from a mountain, sun rays falling on the ground, etc.


Watch the video to know more about different types of lines.


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