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The support and education sessions are designed for parents to help them in challenging times when everyone is quarantined at home during the pandemic. The video lesson is an introductory session to a series that aims to provide them with ideas and suggestions on engaging the child and making the best use of this time.

Why it is Important to Engage Children at Home?

Staying at home during unavoidable circumstances such as the 2019 pandemic, when there is near to no contact with the outside world, can raise a lot of challenges for parents. Parents can become impatient, stressed, and anxious while raising their children at home. The struggles increase when parents are working.

These parenting sessions aim to answer the questions collected from the community of parents, friends, and families through Facebook, email, etc. Besides ensuring the best parenting for children, these sessions will help parents to spend quality time at home with their children while managing the work and home together effectively. It covers topics like inculcating discipline and patience in the child, enhancing their communication skills, etc.

Children during such circumstances as the recent pandemic, miss outdoor activities, going to school, picnics, field trips, neighborhood, etc, and are forced to be at home day in and day out. They start to feel frustrated and become impatient. Therefore, it is the responsibility of parents to keep children engaged in productive activities and spend quality time together.

How to Engage Children at Home?

This parenting series will help maintain a positive environment at home, which is beneficial for the holistic well-being of children. It includes sessions like:

  1. Importance of parent’s well being
  2. Positive parenting strategies
  3. How to engage multiple children at home
  4. Fostering Empathy in Children
  5. Helping children to express emotions
  6. Creating a peaceful environment at home
  7. Fostering creativity at home
  8. Social and emotional development of the child
  9. Fostering honesty in children
  10. Fostering discipline in children
  11. Building social and emotional foundation
  12. Importance of social connection and support
  13. Introducing project-based learning at home
  14. Sending children back to school post-pandemic

In times of crisis, keeping children engaged while teaching them various skills can be the most challenging task in the house. Therefore, it is important for parents to indulge in providing the best developmental needs and create a stronger bond with their children. 

Things to Take into Account When Setting Up Activities for the Child

We as a parent need to look at answers to these questions when understanding the child’s behavior:

  • Are our expectations realistic?
  • Is the child getting bored or having fun?
  • Does the child want to say something?
  • Are the activities development-appropriate?
  • Are we having the right behavior towards the child?

Remember! children learn a lot from what they see around them and act in the same way. As parents, we must be mindful and aware of the environment to be created so that it inspires the children in the house. Be proactive and be productive!

The video invites and encourages the parents to reach out and share their questions and thoughts with fellow parents. These sessions will help parents to engage their children at home in meaningful activities and spend time with them.

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Video Created by: Montessori School Rochester


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