Book: I See by Helen Oxenbury


This video lesson is designed for 3-6-year-old children to imbibe book reading habits into them.

In this lesson, we will read and discuss a famous book, ‘I see.’ by author Helen Oxenbury’.

Introduction to the Author: Helen Oxenbury

Helen Oxenbury is an English illustrator and writer who was born in June 1938. Her work has been focused on picture books for children. Helen has an extensive series of children’s books to suit the Montessori philosophy.  

Brief Description of the Book: I Hear

I See, a simple book where a little boy enjoys while discovering the world that surrounds him through sight. In this book, a child see a butterfly, frog, airplane, a friend, flowers, and the moon. It serves as an excellent introduction to the five senses.

Watch the video along with the child to read the book: I see and build their language skills.

How can Book Reading Help in a Child’s Growth?

Book reading helps children develop communication skills, patience, empathy, and literacy. These factors are critical to academic success and beyond. Other benefits of book reading are:

  • In-depth knowledge of letters and sounds 
  • Improves vocabulary
  • Improve listening skills
  • Builds concentration and discipline
  • Cultivates lifelong love for reading

How to Identify Age-appropriate Books for Children According to the Montessori Method?

  1. Non-fiction books. Understanding that children under 6 years of age still cannot differentiate between real or fantasy. The Montessori philosophy recommends that for young children storybooks do not include fantasy.
  2. Montessori philosophy advises using books where pictures or drawings resemble reality.
  3. Simplicity in design. As with the materials used for learning activities, it is suggested that the books keep that simplicity. It is considered that the child does not need to be over-stimulated to enjoy a book.
  4. Should choose stories that cultivate values.

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Video created by: Alejandra Jurado


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