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This video lesson is designed for 3-6-year old children to familiarize them with moveable alphabets using CVC – (Constant- Vowel- Constant)  words and pictures.

In this lesson, a child will learn to make three-letter words like cap, web, cup, etc. using a long moveable alphabet box. This method is a fun and interactive way of developing the child’s creative thinking and practicing hand-eye coordination.


What is the Montessori Moveable Alphabet?

A moveable alphabet (large moveable alphabet) is a wooden box divided into compartments containing the lower case alphabets. It contains 26 wooden letters. Vowels are in blue, and consonants are in red. 

It is used in Montessori environments to build reading, writing, and spelling skills.


Benefits of Introducing Movable Alphabets

  • Builds vocabulary by forming and reading three-letter short vowel phonetic words
  • Improves order and concentration
  • Improves coordination 
  • Provides independence and self-esteem
  • Provides phonetic sound awareness to read and write complex sentences.


Montessori Moveable Alphabets and CVC Cards

When the child is introduced to the pronunciation of letters and tracing them on sandpaper, they are ready to create short vowel words and match objects.

Different words that follow the CVC pattern (Constant- Vowel- Constant) are:

  •  /a/: bag, can, cap, cat, fan, pan
  •  /e/: bed, hen, jet, peg, pen, web
  •  /i/: bib, kid, lid, pig, pin, wig
  • /o/: dog, fox, dog, mop, pop, top, pod
  •  /u/: bud, bus, cup, gum, jug, tub

How to Build Vocabulary using Movable Alphabet Box?

  1. Invite the child to choose a work mat.
  2. Bring the CVC cards on the mat.
  3. Open the box of the Moveable Alphabet, 
  4. Show the picture of a cap to the child.
  5. Ask the child, “What sounds do you hear when I say cap?”
  6. Encourage the child to listen and form the word “cap” using long moveable alphabets. Repeat the activity with another picture.

Once the exercise is complete, return the letters to the box.

After forming three-letter words, the child will start creating sentences and then stories. Children also learn to express their ideas creatively through the Moveable Alphabet. 

Watch the video and encourage the child to practice making forming new words and adding them to improve their vocabulary.  

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Video Created by: Joanne Shango


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