This video lesson is designed for 6 to 12-year-old children and guides them to make their own Montessori materials at home. These materials enable the child to perform several arithmetic operations in a fun and interactive way using 5 DIY Montessori materials made at home using whatever stationery available.

The activity enables the child to make the following DIY materials, using the things available in their surroundings:

1. Decimal System
2. Colored Paper Strips
3. Multiplication Unit Board
4. Stamp Game
5. Fraction Cut-outs

In the various activities shown in the video, the child practices the arithmetic operations with decimals, fractions, and other number systems. The Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division are introduced to children as young as 3 years in the Montessori environment using concrete materials. The materials shown in the video are easy to make. They may not substitute the beautiful, precise, and scientific materials that are there in the environment, but are fun to manipulate and work with, nevertheless!

Invite the child to prepare the mathematical operations material with all the colorful stationery available at home, as shown in the video. Such materials help the child to get a better understanding of math concepts.

Repetition is the best way to Memorise tables. The Montessori Method is not against memorization of basic arithmetic combinations, rather, it is for child-led learning, interactive hands-on work, and a sound understanding of concepts.

Try out these activities with the children to reinforce the arithmetic and fractions concepts and make their schoolwork interesting and fun.

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Video Created by: Aishwarya | i teach i learn

Elementary | Math | Fractions (English)  

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