Number Recognition

This math lesson on number recognition is designed for 3-6-year-old children.

What is Number Recognition?

Number recognition is the ability to visually recognize and name numbers. It forms the basis for other mathematical skills such as counting.
It helps the child understand the value each number holds to the sign it represents.
In the primary environment, the arithmetic problem is comprised of quantity, symbol, and association. For example, two candies would mean a child visualizes two of the items in quantity.

Here are some engaging and fun number recognition activities for preschoolers that are great for helping them learn numbers:
1. Number Rods and long rods – Children begin their math journey using the Montessori Number Rods.
2. Sandpaper Numbers – Children learn the signs that represent each of the numbers they have learned to count through quantity. This should be done once child get familiar with numbers with the help of number rods
3. Spindle Box introduces the child to the quantities while counting.
4. Easy DIY squishy writing bags provide the child a platform to write numbers and erase them.
5. Colored beads help the child in counting numbers.
6. Counting cards – child learn to count according to the number in the card
7. Golden Bead Stair– name lesson to introduce units, hundreds, and thousands.

Show the child how numbers and counting are important to their day-to-day life and activities. Encourage them to recognize numbers and practice counting at home.

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