coming of life

This science video lesson is designed for 6-12-year old children. This video lesson talks about how the earth is formed and how life came into existence.

How Earth is formed?

The Coming of Life is a narrative, impressionistic story that introduces many lessons in the Montessori elementary curriculum. It is a story about the Earth coming to life. The science lesson talks about Earth’s creation and the formation of life on the planet.

 In this video,  you will learn

  1. how the Earth, water, etc. were formed and how life came into existence on its home planet Earth.
  2. how humans, fauna and flora, and other natural resources came into being. The pictorial illustrations make the video lesson more engaging and innovative.

There are references made to the universe’s laws. The story’s ending focuses on water arising on Earth from volcanic activity and the Earth becoming a combination of air, rock, and water under the sun’s influence.


The Coming of life is divided into two parts:

  1. The first lesson of Coming of life covers the arrival of life, the evolution of single-celled organisms into multi-celled organisms, and an overview of several geological eras. Despite the fact that no one was there to witness this incredible transformation on Earth, we can only imagine what it must have been like.
  2. The second Great Lesson of Coming of Life is in continuation to the first lesson, the second one starts where the Earth had cooled, the oceans had formed, and our planet was ready for life. Complex molecules came together to form the first single-celled organisms out of the “primordial soup” of the Earth’s ancient oceans. 

This Coming of Life story, helps the child learn about how humans came to life, how plants and animals started to grow, and how the Earth came to life.


Watch the video to more about the coming-of-life story.



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Video created by: Amanda Morse.



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