The Stereognostic Bag Activity 2, Find Two Similar Objects

The stereognostic bag activity , 2nd video in the series, belongs to the sensory area of the Montessori Method. This activity is aimed at children between 3 and 5 years old and depending on the complexity of the activity, it can be used by 6 years old children, or older. This activity promotes the development of the stereognostic sense, which is the ability to perceive and recognize, through touch, the characteristics that allow identifying an object. For example shape, size, type of material, temperature, texture, etc.

Direct Purpose: This activity helps develop the stereognostic sense and identify two identical objects without seeing them.

Indirect purpose: This activity helps the child develop the ability to concentrate, identify and recognize some geometric figures.

Materials Required for the Activity :  

– A cloth bag

– Two sets of five or more figures, preferably made of wood, with a similar texture but different shapes.

What is Stereognostic Sense?

A Stereognostic sense is the ability to perceive and recognize, through touch, the characteristics that allow identifying an object without looking, smelling, tasting, or hearing it. 

It helps a child identify the shape, size, type of material, temperature, texture, etc. It is also known as tactile or kinesthetic sensibility.

What is a Stereognostic Bag?

The stereognostic bag is also called the mystery bag. It is designed to help children develop their ability to visualize objects using only their sense of touch. Children love this activity because it is both challenging and fun. 

Usually, it is simply a non-transparent cloth bag or box with a hole/ opening for the child’s hands, through which they can touch and identify objects without looking at them. 

The Mystery Bag is also used to reinforce the geometric solids from the sensorial area in the Montessori classroom.  

Presentation: How to Introduce Mystery Bag Activity to a Child?

Bring the activity from the shelf, invite the child to the table.

Name all the objects on the table, and please demonstrate the activity slowly and carefully so that the child can clearly see all the movements.

  • Make sure there are two complete sets of the shapes inside the bag
  • Using both hands and with no other sense than touch, find
  • Inside the bag are two objects that are the same.
  • Take the shapes out of the bag and check.
  • Place the shapes on the table and continue with the next two shapes.
  • Once you have finished, put all the objects back into the bag.
  • Tell the child that you have finished the activity. Encourage him to try this activity alone.

 Benefits of Mystery Bag or Stereognostic Bag Activity

  • It helps children to develop spatial awareness and understand the world around them.
  • It builds visual discrimination to differentiate and categorize between forms, colors, and sizes. 
  • It enhances cognitive development by touching and communicating how the object feels (soft, scratchy, smooth, bumpy, etc.).
  • It helps in increasing vocabulary, train memory and improves concentration.

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Video created by: Alejandra Jurado


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