The Stereognostic Bag Activity 3, Identify The Object

The stereognostic bag activity belongs to the sensory area of the Montessori Method. This activity is aimed at children between 3 and 5 years old and depending on the complexity of the activity, it can be used by 6 years old children, or older. This activity promotes the development of the stereognostic sense, which is the ability to perceive and recognize, through touch, the characteristics that allow identifying an object. For example shape, size, type of material, temperature, texture, etc.

Direct Purpose:  This activity helps to develop the stereognostic sense and the ability to describe the characteristics of an object that are perceived only through touch.

Indirect purpose: This activity helps the child to develop the ability to concentrate.


  • A cloth bag
  • Five or more objects of different characteristics


Before you start, explain to the child what you are going to do. In this activity and to sharpen the sense of touch it is advisable to use an eye mask, however, check first that the child does not feel uncomfortable and unsafe with the mask on the eyes. Please demonstrate the activity slowly and carefully so that the child can clearly see all the movements.

  • Put your hand in the bag, choose an object, feel its shape and other characteristics.
  • Describe all the characteristics that you perceive and say what object you think it is.
  • Take the object out of the bag and check.
  • Continue with the next object.
  • Once you have finished, put the objects back into the bag.
  • Tell the child that you have finished the activity. Encourage the child to try this activity alone.

Video created by: Alejandra Jurado


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