binomial cube

This Math lesson is designed for 3 to 6-year-old children. It introduces the child to algebraic expression and helps them learn the different mathematical concepts.

What is a Binomial Cube?

The binomial cubes are color-coded 3D blocks that represent the algebraic binomial expression. The cube is made up of 8 wooden blocks of different sizes. These blocks fit together to form a cube and represent the cube (a + b).

A Binomial Cube Box Consists of

  1. One red cube and three red & black matching prisms.
  2. One blue cube and three blue & black matching prisms.
  3. The square of the binomial is painted on the lid.

Benefits of Using Binomial Cube

  • To prepare the child to learn advanced mathematical concepts.
  • To refine dexterity and visual acuity. 
  • To provide concrete and visual exposure to the algebraic concepts.
  • To provide a conceptual understanding of numbers and formulas.
  • It helps in developing fine motor skills, order, concentration, and hand-eye coordination.

How to Introduce a Binomial Cube to a Child?

  • Remove the lid of the binomial cube box and place it on the table facing up.
  • Open one side of the box and gently remove all the blocks from the box one at a time.
  • Sort the blocks by color order. Make sure to leave space so that all the colors are visible.
  • Tell the child to build the cube using the box’s lid
  • Begin with the red block and place it on the red color block on the box’s lid
  • Find a matching color block and place it in the correct spot.
  • Repeat placing the colored cubes one by one. (Note: The top pattern should match the lid of the box).
  • Place a hand on the first level to show the child it’s flat.
  • Now, tell the child to move this layer into the box.
  • Once the first level is placed in the box, begin the second level on top, using the box’s lid as a reference. 
  • Again, when the second layer is complete, ask the child to move it into the box.
  • Close the sides of the box and close the lid.
  • Ask the child to repeat the activity.

This video lesson guides the child about arranging the blocks based on color and size. It aims at developing a child’s fine motor skills, order, concentration, and hand-eye coordination.

Invite the child to arrange the blocks together as shown in the video and help them develop their visual dimension senses and math concepts.

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Video Created by: Joanne Shango



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