Thermal tablets

This sensorial lesson is designed for 3 to 6-year-old children to help them learn how to match a pair of tablets, based on the temperature.

The activity aims to refine the child’s thermal senses and enables them to distinguish between surfaces, based on their temperatures. It helps in increasing concentration and enables the child to develop order and hand-eye coordination.

The video lesson guides the child to feel the surface of the thermal tablets with their wrist and match the tablets with their pair. The tablets are made of different textures and materials, and the child is instructed to differentiate them on the basis of their temperature.

Ask the child to close their eyes and feel the temperature of the tablets with their wists, as shown in the video. Further, guide the child to match the tablets with their pairs.

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Video Created by: Bronia Birkbeck (Building Futures Education)


Primary | Sensorial | Touch | Thermic Tablets (English)

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  • English
  • primary
  • sensorial
  • Touch