Sense of Order

This video lesson is designed for 3-6-year-old children. It highlights the importance of developing a sense of order in children.

All children go through stages of development called sensitive periods. Specific skills are mastered during this period, and a few milestones are likely to be accomplished.

Dr. Maria Montessori identified many sensitive periods, including order, movement, exploration, and refinement of the senses, language, math, spatial awareness, etc. She observed that the child’s sensitive period for the order was most prevalent between age one to four. Children in this age group crave consistency in their environment and daily schedules.

When children experience familiar patterns as a part of their daily lives, they develop a sense of order and become familiar with what will happen next. It helps them to understand the correct order of things. Their sense of order is strong and has clear ground rules which are evident and consistent. It also helps them to keep the environment clean and simple.

Whenever a young child throws a tantrum or appears off-balance, it is due to a subtle change in their daily life, or the order gets disturbed. Parents need to understand a child’s sense of order and establish consistent boundaries to explore and boost their development.

Watch the video to know more about a sense of order.

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