Elements of Art - All About Shapes

In this video, we focus on the Montessori way of learning about elements of art, i.e., different kinds of shapes. Learning about the shapes is a fun exercise with the help of different paintings by various artists.

What are the Shapes?

Shapes are 2-dimensional enclosed areas bound by boundaries such as distinct lines or implied lines.

What are the Different Types of shapes?

1. Geometric shapes
2. Organic shapes

What are the Five Elements of Shape?

1. Dot or circle
2. Colored dots or circles
3. Implied Lines: curly, straight, free form
4. Colour: light, dark, black, white, etc
5. Drawn lines

This video not only helps your child to learn about the shapes but also familiarize them with various famous artists and how they have used shapes in their paintings.

Video created by: Justine McNeilly (Metro East Montessori, Granite City, Illinois)


  • arts and crafts
  • English
  • primary