coin box activity

This video is designed for 1-3-year old children.

With the help of coin box or slotted box activity children can practice and experience the opening, closing, and fitting of the objects into holes/ slots.

What is a Slotted Box?

A slotted box or a coin box with chips is a popular Montessori material to develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and patience in toddlers (preschoolers).

A slotted box includes a box with coins opening and a set of wooden coins. It is made of natural beech wood like any other Montessori material.

Benefits of Coin Box Activity

a. It helps in developing fine motor skills.
b. It builds problem-solving skills.
c. It helps to develop the concept of object permanence (knowing that an object exists even though it can no longer be seen).
d. It enhances hand movements and controls (hand, wrist, and finger control).

How to Perform the Coin Box Activity?

– Pick a chip/coin from the bowl
– Drop the chip/coin into the slot of the box
– Repeat with another coin

How to Make a DIY Coin Box for Toddlers?

– Use a round cardboard container or any jar with a lid available at home.
– Cut a slot into the lid (the slot should be slightly bigger than the coin size)
– Cut around 8-10 circles from any cardboard available at home. (real coins can also be used)
– Use a tray to hold a slotted box and basket of posting items
– The DIY slotted box is ready to play with.

Watch the video to know more about coin box activity.

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Video created by: Kata Lovassy

Primary | Sensorial | Slotted Box with Chips (English)
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