Teaching a child how to fold clothes

This lesson is designed for parents to help them understand the importance of teaching the activity of folding clothes and putting them away to their children. 

Folding laundry is one of those self-care tasks that helps your child develop a sense of personal responsibility and ownership. With more practice, they will become more confident and competent. 

What are the Benefits of Folding Clothes and Putting Them Away?

Folding clothes is an important life skill that children need to learn. There are many benefits of teaching children how to fold clothes and putting them away.

  1. It teaches them to be neat and organized. They will be able to put their clothes away in their drawers and closets neatly instead of just throwing them on the floor or on top of the dresser.
  2. It teaches them that they need to take care of their belongings. 
  3. It teaches them responsibility because they need to make sure that they put the clothes away when they are done with them so that other people can use them later on.
  4. It teaches them patience because folding takes time and patience is a good quality for everyone to have.
  5. It teaches them the value of hard work because they put in the effort to do a good job and make their clothes neat. 

In conclusion, folding clothes is a great way to teach children self-discipline and responsibility as well as patience and how to be organized.

In Addition, Folding Clothes Helps Children to Learn the Following:

  • Learning unfamiliar words and improving language skills
  • Taking and following directions
  • Counting and sequencing
  • Identifying similarities and differences
  • Sorting like items into groups
  • Identifying shapes (and forming new ones)
  • Taking charge and doing daily household chores

Tips to Make Folding Clothes Activity More Productive

  1. It’s easier for children to spread out clothes they are folding on a flat surface.
  2. Making a potentially boring task interesting by adding lively music is a sure way to make it fun.

Watch the video on how to fold clothes and teach your preschooler a self-care skill that can help them build some of the important life skills.

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