teaching a child how to juice orange

This video is designed for parents to help them understand the importance of juicing activity and how to introduce it to their children.

One of the first activities that can be introduced to a child is juicing an orange. A child can learn this activity as early as the age of 18 months.

Why Teaching Toddlers to Juice an Orange is a Brilliant Idea?

As parents, it is essential to involve children in routine housework and teach them to be independent. A kitchen is an excellent place for young ones to learn important life skills, as it offers a variety of sensory experiences. Juicing is once such a simple activity that can be taught to children during the early development stage. You can imagine the joy your child would feel when they see, smell, touch, and taste fresh fruits like oranges while making orange juice.

Maria Montessori once said, “The hands are the tools of intelligence.” Holding and hand-squeezing an orange strengthens the muscles in their fingers and palms, as well as developing their wrist movements. The best thing about this juicing activity is that it prepares their hands for academic work as they grow, such as handwriting and whatever other intelligent work they may do in the future.

It also helps them to concentrate on one task. They will develop a will to be successful when they realize that you cannot just throw an orange to make juice, but rather there is a proper sequence to follow. They can practice self-discipline and independence this way.

Other Benefits of Juicing Activity: 

Working with oranges allows you to discuss botany and geography in a natural way. You can ask questions like: where do oranges grow? How does an orange grow? Or what is the lifecycle of an orange? You will be able to teach your child new words and phrases as you discuss the fruit, color, pulp, peel, and seeds.

One can also teach the importance of cleaning as they learn to juice oranges. It helps them to become independent as well, as they take full pride and responsibility for their accomplishments.

With this video, find out why a child will benefit from making their own orange juice more than just vitamin C and how to present the juicing activity to the child.

How to Set up a Juicing Activity for Your Child at Home?

If you are looking to present this activity as a Montessori Practical Life Activity, here are the steps and important information about the activity.

Prerequisite: Ability to pour from one container to another. The ability to cut an orange in half.

Materials Required –

  1. A hand juicer
  2. An orange
  3. An empty glass

Now, tell children they will make their own orange juice. Ask them how they think orange juice can be prepared.

  1. Have children wash their hands.
  2. Give each child two of the pre-cut orange halves and a section of the peeled orange. Ask them to compare the peeled orange and the cut orange.
  3. Demonstrate how to use a juicer to squeeze the juice from an orange half. After juicing the half, show children how to pour the juice through a strainer and into a cup.

Watch the video to learn how to present the juicing activity to the child 

Repeat this activity as shown in the video. Ask the child to juice their favorite fruit and instill in them a sense of confidence and independence.

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