Why are Montessori Materials Made of Natural Materials

This science video lesson is designed for 6-9-year-old children. It highlights the importance of using natural materials as part of the overall learning environment.

Ever wondered why the interiors of a Montessori environment look stunning yet straightforward?

Lets us understand why Montessori materials are made of eco-friendly natural materials?

A Montessori classroom is a holistic environment that serves and addresses the needs of every child. The materials a child encounters in their classroom help them to become independent and responsible. It helps them build complex ideas upon simpler ones.

Montessori materials are made from natural materials such as brass, wood, wicker, cotton, metal, and glass. These materials allow children to classify, compare, and order them using their five senses. The materials help in simple and thoughtful teaching methods; the uncluttered classrooms reflect a peaceful and serene atmosphere that invites learning. It also helps the children to take care of the environment.

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Primary | Science | Why are Montessori materials made of natural materials? (English)

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