color sorting activity

This sensorial lesson is designed for 1 to 3-year-old children to learn how to identify and sort colors.

Sorting colors is a popular activity among all young children. Children learn to sort objects based on their colors at an early age. There are infinite variations of this activity one can create.

How Do Sorting Colors Help the Child?

Sorting different colors is an important cognitive skill that teaches a child to notice similarities and differences and how to categorize. It helps develop order, visual perceptual thinking, and memory skills.

As a result, children learn the concept of sequencing, which indirectly prepares them for early literacy and numeracy development.

Benefits of Color Sorting Activities

  • Develop fine motor development–pincer grasp: As the child holds the object to sort it, they automatically form the pincer grip.
  • Improve hand-eye coordination and control movements.
  • Enhance memory and concentration.
  • Promotes Language development–color names, object names, texture, size, shape
  • Prepare to learn mathematics concepts–sorting, matching, and numbers.

Materials Required

  1. 3 different color objects.
  2. A bowl to mix objects.
  3. A bowl with 3 compartments to keep the sorted objects.

How a Color-Sorting Activity is Introduced to a Child?

  1. Invite the child to bring the color-sorting activity to the table.
  2. Tell the child today! We will learn how to sort objects based on colors.
  3. Introduce the child to different colored objects in the bowl.
  4. Now, pick one object and again name its color.
  5. Place the object in one compartment, as shown in the video.
  6. Now pick another object and name the color.
  7. Place the object in another container.
  8. Follow steps 6 and 7 for the next color object.
  9. Continue repeating steps 4 to 8 until all the objects are sorted.
  10. Invite the child to try.

Collect small objects from around the house, like buttons, rubber bands, crayons, etc. Invite the child to sort the objects according to the colors as shown in the video.

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 Video Created by: Joanne Shango


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