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This language lesson is designed for 6 to 12-year-old children to write English alphabets b and h in cursive.

Handwriting practice helps in strengthening the finger muscles and developing fine motor skills. It also helps the child to develop and practice hand-eye coordination. This cursive writing lesson helps in improving the child’s reading and writing ability. 

Writing a lower case English alphabet in cursive writing is done by forming a Stroke. Therefore, we learn to write cursive letters according to the stroke family. 

Lower case letters are also known as close letters. Writing lower case letters starts by leaving a small gap. 


How to write letters b and h in cursive?

The best way to begin writing letters b and h in cursive is to trace them and then write them on paper. 

In this video lesson, we will learn to write cursive b and cursive h belonging to the loop family. Letters b and h are introduced as Becky and Henry.

Watching the video lesson before writing will give the brain a good help in clarifying the concept of the loop stroke and avoiding mistakes. It helps to master writing cursive b and cursive h faster in the long run.

Watch the video to know more about how to write cursive b and cursive h using loop stroke. Repeat this activity by asking the child to practice the alphabet, as shown in the video.


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Video Created by: Jodi Qualters (Montessori in the Park, Goodyear, Arizona)

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