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This language lesson is designed for 6 to 12-year-old children to guide them on how to write English alphabets e and l in cursive.

Handwriting practice helps in strengthening the finger muscles and developing fine motor skills. It also helps the child to develop and practice hand-eye coordination.

In our previous video lesson, we introduced you to the loop family of cursive letters, and how to write letters f and k in cursive. This video introduces more alphabets in the loop family, i.e. letters e and l in cursive. 

How to Write in Cursive Seamlessly?

Cursive letters are written with different sequences or with different strokes. Practicing the letters using strokes helps in a child learn the formation of letters more easily. It has many benefits such as improving hand movements, refining fine motor skills, and many more.

 As the children learn to write lowercase cursive letters with entry and exit strokes, they may face issues while connecting with preceding or succeeding letters. Children often get confused and leave a blip between letters.

In such cases, practicing by tracing the patterns with joined letters proves helpful. Allow the child to trace two or three-letter words in the beginning and gradually move to longer words and further the sentences.

While writing cursive, the child should not lift the pencil/pen in between and should have a continuous flow. The tracing of such patterns gives the children an idea to write cursive seamlessly.

 How to Write Small Letters e and l in Cursive?

 In this video lesson, we will learn to write cursive e and cursive l. These 2 letters belong to the loop family and are introduced as Ellen and Larry. The Loop family likes to make backflips.

The letter e is the middle zone letter which means it lies between the headline and the baseline, whereas the letter l is the upper zone letter which means the letter starts from the baseline and goes to the top line through the headline.

  • To write cursive e: Begin with the baseline. Make an under-curve towards the headline. Now turns into a small loop on the left side. Bring the stroke to the baseline with a downward curve. Extend towards the right and leave as a connector to join other cursive letters.
  • To write cursive l: Begin with the baseline. Make a long under the curve from the baseline to the top line. Turn the stroke into a small loop on the left side and fall down the stroke with a downward curve to the baseline. Leave the stroke with a connector on the right side to end the letter or to join other cursive letters.

 Watch the video to learn more about how to write cursive letters e and cursive l using a loop stroke. Ask the child to practice writing lowercase letters e and l in cursive to write them accurately with proper flow. 

This cursive writing lesson helps in improving the child’s reading and writing ability. Repeat this activity by asking the child to practice the alphabets e and l, as shown in the video.

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Video Created by: Jodi Qualters (Montessori in the Park, Goodyear, Arizona)


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