flat bead frame

This video lesson is designed for 6 to 12-year-old children. It will demonstrate how a flat bead frame looks like and multiplication problems can be solved easily with it.

What is a Flat Bead Frame?

Flat Bead Frames are a final step in the progression to abstract multiplication. This wooden frame contains nine rows of golden beads to solve advanced mathematical calculations.

Materials that Comes with a Flat Bead Frame

  • Box of 4 series of gray cards on which 1-9 is written. It serves as a multiplier
  • Strips of white paper to solve multiplication problems
  • How to solve a multiplication expression using a Flat Bead Frame?

How to Multiply Numbers and Using 2-digit Multiplier?

Let’s solve a multiplication problem with a two-digit multiplier: 2348 x 34

  1. Write the expression on the strip so that the digits correspond to the correct wires. The expression is called multiplicand.
  2. Now pick the grey cards and place the 4- digit over the lowest green dot, representing the units, and the 3- digit over the blue dot for the tens. The beads should be at the top to start.
  3. Begin multiplying 8 x 4 = 32, bring down 2 units and 3 tens. 4 x 4 = 16 tens – bring down 6 tens and 1 hundred and so on. write the digit on paper.
  4. After multiplying the multiplicand by the units, we can turn the card ‘4’.
  5. Reset the beads.
  6. To multiply by the 3 tens or 30, we must move the multiplicand to the left one space to let one red zero show. It is just like multiplying the number by 10.
  7. Repeat step 3 by continuing multiplication and making necessary changes.
  8. Add the result of steps 3 and 7.
  9. In the end, we read the product and record it.

Watch the video to solve complex multiplication expressions with a 2-digit multiplier. Ask the child to repeat the activity with another expression.

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Video created by Amanda Morse

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