Multiple tickets for table A, B and C
This multiples document is designed for 6-12-year-old children to learn & find multiples of 1-100.

What are Multiple Tables A, B, and C?

Multiples Tables A and B are a fantastic way for children to practice math concepts. It is also known as the Calculation of Multiples.Tables A, B, & C help master multiplication at ease. It is a part of a series of mathematical problems concerning multiples, including the Multiples Sheet and Table C. Children first complete Tables A & B to calculate all products to 100 and then write all the results to make each number 1-100. Tables A and B allow many opportunities for children to make connections between combinations of multiples. It also helps in discovering that the value of the multiplicand increases, the length of its column decreases, and observes that it is not possible to reach 100 for each number.Table C helps in writing the factors of numbers 1-100. When Table C is completed, the children can identify all of the factors of numbers between 1-100.

Detail of each Table:

  • Table A helps to calculate and write products up to 50
  • Table B helps to calculate and write products 51-100
  • Table C is a Factors Chart

Watch the video to understand Tables A, B, and C and find multiples and factors.

The predefined multiple tickets in the document help a child to put the multiples and factors in front of the table. This hands-on material helps in the easy recognition of multiples and factors. Download the multiples tickets of 1-10, all the way to 100, and fill tables A, B, and C.

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Created and provided by Justine McNeilly (Metro East Montessori, Granite City, IL) under the following license:


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