Montessori checkerboard (Black and white)

The checkerboard is designed for 6-9-year-old children to solve complex multiplication problems.

This checkerboard is a simple and easy method to perform & learn multiplication operations at home. Children can paste blue, green, and red cutouts present at home to create a replica of the Montessori checkerboard.

Setting up the checkerboard apparatus involves more than just moving the hand. For a small child, it requires whole-body movement and space to store. This downloadable checkerboard printables are easy to carry and don’t require much space to store.

In Montessori education, before introducing the checkerboard, the child is introduced to basic mathematical operations using:

  • Golden Bead Material,
  • Bead Cabinet,
  • Finger Charts,
  • Bead Frames.

A Montessori Checkerboard reinforces the mathematical concepts introduced by the above materials. It is a concrete material that allows the child to solve complex 2 -digit multiplication problems at their own pace.

Download the checkerboard and help the child improve math concepts and analytical skills.

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Created and provided by Justine McNeilly (Metro East Montessori, Granite City, IL) under the following license:


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