squaring binomial

This Math lesson is designed for 6 to 12-year-old children. This video demonstrates how to calculate the square of a binomial expression using binomial cube:

What is a Binomial Cube?

The binomial cubes are color-coded 3D blocks that represent the algebraic binomial formula. The cube is made up of 8 wooden blocks of different sizes. These blocks fit together to form a cube and represent the cube (a + b).

The binomial cube is designed to provide an intuitive introduction to solve complex algebraic expressions like a square of a binomial

Watch the video to solve the square of a binomial using ten beads and a binomial cube. Invite the child to repeat the activity and solve different binomial expressions as shown in the video.

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Video Created by: Sharmeen Niazi (Archgate Montessori Academy, Plano, TX)

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