how to juice oranges

This practical life lesson is designed for 3-6-year-old children to teach them how to juice oranges and help in the daily household chores.

Benefits of Making an Orange Juice Activity:

  • It helps in building concentration
  • It boosts hand-eye coordination
  • It strengthens finger and palms muscles
  • It refines wrist movements
  • It prepares hand for writing

Oranges have several health benefits. It contains vitamin C that supports a child’s immune system, promotes gum health, speeds up the healing of wounds, and strengthens bones.

Materials Required for Squeezing and Juicing the Oranges 

  1. A hand juicer with a strainer
  2. Oranges (cut them in half)
  3. An empty glass

How to Introduce Juicing the Orange Activity to the Child?

  1. Invite the child and tell them today we are going to learn how to juice oranges.
  2. Place the mat on the table.
  3. Place the tray on the mat.
  4. Now put the manual juicer on the tray
  5. Grasp a half orange with one hand, cupping the whole peel with your palm.
  6. Hold the juicer by from the base with the other hand.
  7. Put the orange over the juicer’s point and apply pressure as shown in the video
  8. Making slow and strong wrist movements, begin to squeeze the orange.
  9. Press and rotate in a back and forth motion until juice flows out.
  10. Keep the squeezed orange aside into the bowl
  11. Repeat to squeeze more oranges for more juice.
  12. Pour the juice into the empty glass.
  13. Juice is ready to drink
  14. Encourage the child to repeat the activity 
  15. In the end, ask the child to clean up and take good care of the environment.

Repeat this activity as shown in the video by asking the child to juice their favorite fruit. Instill in them a sense of confidence and independence.

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Video Created by: James Bauckman


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