Know Your Child - 4 to 6 years

This language lesson is designed for parents to know their 4-6-year-old child with the help of activities.

Maria Montessori mentioned the 4-6-year-old children as the ‘Conscious Worker’ or hard worker. Children of this age group love to explore, spend time repeating things till they achieve perfection, and talk forever!

Tips to Remember Before Introducing any Activity:

1. Encourage and assist the child to participate in the activity on their own..
2. Make sure the material is appropriate for their age. Consider, for example, a smaller size cloth to wipe the floor.
3. Ensure that the activities are beneficial to their development
4. Analysis of the movements is crucial. For example, how the child should hold a jug to pour water.
5. Boost their confidence, and encourage them to choose and perform the activity or what they want to learn
6. Set rules, limits, and boundaries and Be Consistent. Let’s say the preferred time for the activity or area of the activity.
7. Let them practice the activities at specific intervals of time.
8. No activity is a waste. Children learn something with every activity.
9. Education is an essential part of life, guide the child in the right direction.

Watch the video to know more about how to perform 20 activities across different skill sets, which you can try out in the comfort of your home!

20 different skill sets are :

1. Gross Motor
2. Fine Motor
3. Social and emotional
4. Vocabulary
5. Phonemic Awareness
6. Writing
7. Reading
8. Grammar
9. Sensorial- Pairing
10. Sensorial- Grading
11. Sensorial- others
12. Art
13. Culture- Geography
14. Culture- History
15. Culture- Science
16. Number Recognition
17. Place Value
18. Cardinal Counting
19. Arithmetic Operations
20. Practical Life

Invite the child to participate in activities around the skills set of their choice and learn more about their behavior patterns as they grow.

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Video created by Aishwarya | I teach I learn

Parents | Montessori at Home | Know Your Child (English)

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