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Classifying modes of transport is an activity belonging to the language area of a Montessori classroom. This activity is mainly aimed at children between 3 and 5 years old. 

Transportation is an essential part of our lives, and it is important for children to learn about the different modes of transportation. One way to teach children about transportation is through a sorting activity. Learning to classify modes of transportation allows the child to deepen their understanding of how transportation works. It also allows the child to expand their vocabulary and awakens the child’s curiosity and motivation to deepen knowledge about the transport vehicles around them.

In this video lesson, we will discuss the benefits of sorting modes of transportation and how to create a fun and engaging sorting activity.

Benefits of Modes of Transportation Sorting Activity

Sorting modes of transportation has many benefits for children. Here are some of them:

  • It deepens the knowledge of how transportation works. 
  • It develops their language skills by introducing them to new vocabulary related to transportation.
  • It enhances the problem-solving skills
  • It enhances visual memory and concentration 
  • It helps them to develop their cognitive skills by learning how to classify and organize objects based on their characteristics.
  • It teaches them about the characteristics of different modes of transportation, such as speed, size, and capacity.

The objective of Introducing Modes of Transportation

Direct objective: It develops the child’s capacity for observation and discrimination.

Indirect objective: It expands the child’s vocabulary. Also, it develops the OCCI: order, concentration, coordination, and independence.

Materials Required for Sorting Modes of Transportation Activity:

Creating modes of transportation sorting activity is easy and can be done using materials that you have at home. 

  • Three labels to create categories between air, land, and water. You can also use images that represent them.
  •  Pictures or small toys of different modes of transportation such as cars, buses, trains, airplanes, and boats.
  • A large piece of paper or cardboard to create the sorting categories.

Examples of Modes of Transportation

Some examples of means of transport that can be used for this activity are 

Land Transports

  • car
  • bicycle
  • train
  • motorcycle
  • truck

Air Transports

  • airplane
  • helicopter
  • glider
  • hot air balloon
  • space shuttle

Water Transports

  • canoe
  • raft
  • submarine
  • surfboard
  • sailboat
  • steamboat

Different types of transportation allow us to travel from place to place and explore different terrains. This sorting activity helps children to identify types of transportation found in those different terrains.

How to Introduce Modes of Transport Sorting Activity to the Child?

Bring the activity from the shelf, invite the child to the table, and tell them that today we will learn to classify means of transportation. Before you start, name all the objects on the table and explain what you are going to do.

If an explanation is necessary, try to make it with the first vehicle of each means of transportation, but it is advisable to avoid talking while the activity is developing so you allow the child to do their own observations.

At the end of the activity clarify the doubts the child may express. Once you finish, please tell the child you have finished the activity, then encourage the child to try this activity independently.

To make the activity more challenging, add more categories, such as the number of wheels or the size of the vehicle. Also, ask the child to explain why they sorted the modes of transportation in a particular way.

Watch the video to see how to perform modes of transportation sorting activity. Ask the child to repeat the exercise by sorting various vehicles under the appropriate category label. 

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Primary | Sorting (English) | by Alejandra Jurado


  • What are the 3 main modes of transportation?

Modes of transport refer to the different ways that something can be transported. There are four types of transportation: road, air, and water.

  • What are the examples of different modes of transportation?
    • Examples of Air transport: Aeroplanes, Hot air balloons, Helicopters, etc.
    • Examples of Land Transport: Car, Truck, Crane, Motorcycle, etc.
    • Examples of Water Transport: Ship, Yacht, Boat, Submarine, etc.


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