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This pronunciation video lesson is designed for 3-6-year-old children to help them recognize the phonic sound of letters c, v, and b with the help of a sound game. 

Teaching phonic sounds of letters can be daunting. To make learning phonics enjoyable and engaging, why not make it fun?

What is Phonic Sound Game?

Phonic sound games are used to help children learn the phonic sound of English letters and words, starting with them. It builds the connection between letters and word sounds. It also helps primary-level children to read and write faster and more fluently.

This pronunciation video allows the child to explore the phonic sound of the letters b, v, and c with the “I-Spy sound game”. The objects starting with letters c, v, and b are picked randomly to play the sound game. For example, I spy with my little eye what is an object that starts with the sound /b/. The answer can be a ball or a bee. This game is a fun way to build phonics skills and phonemic awareness

Prerequisites of Phonic Sound Game

A child must first become familiar with the sounds that each letter can make before learning to read whole words. With this phonics game, children develop their phonological awareness as they discover the short sound of each letter and the words that begin with it. 

To learn how to introduce the phonic sound of letters c, v, and b, click on the below links:

These video lessons provide basic building blocks for fluent reading without feeling intimidated by letters or tricky variations. Learning letter sounds and practicing listening skills before playing the sound games will benefit children.

How to Introduce the “I Spy” Sound Game to the Child?

In this activity, the sound of letters are repeated for each word so that the child can hear and pronounce words, starting with c, v, and b accurately.

Follow the below steps to introduce the I-spy sound game to the child:

  1. Invite the child to the table and tell them that today, we will play the I spy sound game.
  2. Empty the bags with miniatures or pictures on the working mat.
  3. While saying this line, “I spy with my little eye, an object that starts with /k/ sound”. 
  4. Let the child recognize the /k/ sound and pick the carrot by pronouncing /-k-k-carrot/.
  5. This way, a child recognizes the letter and the words starting with it.
  6. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for all the objects that start with /k/, /v/, and /b/sounds (i.e. the phonic sound of c, v, and b).
  7. Invite the child to try.

Watch the video to learn how I-spy sound games can help children explore the phonic sound that letters c, v, and b make and the words starting with them. Play these phonics games with your child to help them develop reading skills.

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Video created by: Strykun Olena



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