This video lesson is designed for parents to guide them about the Montessori prepared environment and its benefits.

What is a Prepared Montessori Environment?

Dr. Maria Montessori believed that a child should be provided an environment to facilitate maximum independent learning and exploration; thus, named it as “Prepared environment.”

In a Montessori classroom, lessons, activities, and teaching tools are tailored to meet every child’s developmental needs and interests. Each child is allowed to choose the lessons they want to learn.

With a prepared environment, each child gets the freedom to develop their unique potential through appropriate learning materials and activities. These materials are realistic and easy to use. It ranges from simple to complex and concrete to abstract, catering to every child’s age, ability, and independence.

Montessori teachers prepare the environment and are also responsible for maintaining a healthy environment.


Benefits of the Prepared Environment

  • Freedom – Children in a Montessori prepared environment have freedom of choice. It means a child can explore, learn, move around, observe, and interact socially.
  • Structure and Order – This principle refers to how the universe functions and its structure and order. A child understands the order of their surroundings and relates with the world around them.
  • Nature and Reality – Nature inspires children. Therefore, children are invited to play outside and interact with nature. They use learning materials made of natural wood, metal, bamboo, cotton, and glass rather than synthetics or plastics. These materials are child-friendly so that the child can work with it independently.
  • Social Environment – The prepared environment should support social development by encouraging freedom of interaction. Through Montessori learning, children develop empathy for others and a sense of compassion.

Watch the video to know more about the importance and benefits of “Prepared Montessori Environment”.


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