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This language lesson is designed for 6 to 12-year-old children to guide them on how to write English alphabets u and s in cursive.

Handwriting practice helps in strengthening the finger muscles and developing fine motor skills. It also helps the child to develop and practice hand-eye coordination.

In the previous video, we introduced you to the up-and-down stroke family of cursive letters, and how to write letters r and w in cursive. This video extends, introducing more alphabets in the up-and-down stroke family, i.e. the letter u and the letter s in cursive. 

 You can also read about the benefits of cursive writing here. 

 How to Write the Letters u and s in Cursive?

 In this video lesson, we will learn to write cursive u and cursive s. These 2 letters belong to the up-and-down stroke family and these letters are introduced as Uncle and Sally.

These letters are the middle zone letter which means it lies between the headline and the baseline.

  • To write cursive u: Begin with the baseline. Make an under-curve towards the headline. Bring the stroke to the baseline and make a curve. Take the stroke again to the headline and bring it back to the baseline. Leaves as a connector to join other cursive letters.
  • To write cursive s: Begin with the baseline. Make an under-curve towards the headline. Bring the stroke a little down straight and fall down to the baseline as a right down-curve. Meet this to the first stroke made. Leave the final stroke with a connector on the right side to end the letter or to join other cursive letters. 

Note: Let the child try writing the cursive letters in a notebook while watching the video. This will help the child write the letter in proper flow and accurately. The children will become more comfortable with cursive alphabets as they watch and write.

 Watch the video to learn more about how to write cursive letters u and s, using the right stroke. Repeat this activity by asking the child to practice the u and s alphabets in cursive, as shown in the video.

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Video Created by: Jodi Qualters (Montessori in the Park, Goodyear, Arizona


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