Addition and Subtraction of Fractions

This video demonstrates the practical way of multiplying and dividing fractions with a whole number. We have used fraction circles in this video to teach multiplication and division, thereby making it easy to understand.

How do we Multiply or Divide Fractions?

To multiply or divide fractions with a whole number, start by placing the fraction circles and whole number side by side. To multiply or divide the fraction with the whole number, add an “X” sign to multiply and a “ ÷ ” sign to divide. As you put the fraction cut-outs together, count the number of circles you have. Grab a pen and paper to calculate and write the fractions.

You can also use the standard formula method for multiplying and dividing the fractions :.

For example:
Multiplication of a fraction: 1/4 * 2 = 1/2
Division of a fraction: 3/5 /(divided by) 3/1= 3/5 *1/3 = 1/5

Let your child explore multiplication and division of fractions using this method. This practical method paves way for a better understanding of the concept.

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Video created by: Justine McNeilly (Metro East Montessori, Granite City, IL)