small bead bars printable (black and white)

This document is designed for 6-12-year old children to understand the concept of color and basic mathematical operations using black and white bead bars.

This small bead chain (black and white) is a follow-up document of a small bead bar chain (color). The document is used to assess whether a child remembers the colors with their respective quantities.

How to Introduce the Ten Bead Activity to a Child?

  1. Download the black and white ten bead stairs printable and ask the child to fill the right colors representing 1-10.
  2. At first, children may color the beads the wrong color. It means that they have not yet mastered the ten-beads bars.
  3. To complete this activity, the child must first count the beads and keep that number in mind.
  4. Find the bead bar with the same quantity of beads here
  5. Now ask the child to remember the color of that bead bar.
  6. Choose the same color pencil, and color the bead bar in the document.
  7. Repeat the steps until the child remembers all the colors representing ten bears stairs.
  8. Once the child colors all the stairs correctly, ask them to count 1-20 using ten beads.

A child can solve complex math problems, including counting, skip counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, squaring, and cubing using this activity.

Click here to download the small bead chain (black and white) document.

Math Video Lessons :

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Created and provided by Justine McNeilly (Metro East Montessori, Granite City, IL) under the following license:


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