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This document is designed for 6-12-year old children to understand basic math concepts of counting, addition, and subtraction using colored bead bars.

The Montessori bead stair is also called the short bead bars or the colored bead stair. It consists of colored bead bars that concretely represent the numbers from 1-10. Bead bars are used for countless math concepts, including counting, skip counting, addition, multiplication, squaring, and cubing.

Let us understand the quantities and the symbols for 1-10. Montessori children also learn the color that is associated with each number.
1 – red
2 – green
3 – pink
4 – yellow
5 – light blue
6 – purple
7 – white
8 – brown
9 – dark blue
10- dark yellow

Click here to watch the video for learning how to count using colored bead stairs.

Purpose of Introducing Small Bead Chain (Stair) to a Child:

Dr. Maria Montessori once said, “This is the passage to abstraction. After a while, the child will leave the material and solve problems directly on paper. ”

  • One of the primary purposes of introducing a small bead chain is to teach children how to count.
  • It is reassuring to children to see how far they have come. As they count beads individually, they confirm that the numerically written numbers match with physically present numbers.
  • Small bead chain also helps enhance their mental ability to solve complex mathematical problems in the future.
  • It teaches them patience, concentration, and determination.
  • It helps refine fine motor skills.

Watch the video on how to perform multiples of a number using small bead bars.

This small bead chain printable is a substitute for ten beads stairs. It helps a child to learn counting and other complex math problems. It also helps a child to learn colors.

Click the download button to print the Montessori ten beads stairs.

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