This math lesson is designed for 6 to 12-year-old children. It demonstrates how to use stamp game printables to perform mathematical operations. 

What is a stamp game?

The Stamp Game is a Montessori maths material used to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division operations. Once presented correctly to the child, it is a simple but effective way to learn math concepts at home. It is a hands-on way of learning and practicing mathematical operations of multiple digits.

It is presented to a child after the introduction of the decimal system using Golden Beads.

How to create DIY stamps for the Stamp Game?

Prepare your DIY colored stamps by cutting about a 1-inch square each:

  • Each stamp of 1 is green marked with ‘1’.
  • Each stamp of 10 is blue marked with ’10’.
  • Each stamp of 100 is red marked with ‘100’.
  • Each stamp of 1000 is green marked with ‘1000’.

Watch the video to create and assemble DIY stamps for the stamp game.

You can also download stamp game printables online here.

How is a stamp game introduced to a child?

  1. Show the child each stamp and value associated with it.
  2. Show the child how to form a number using colored stamps on a paper or table and read the number. For example, number 273 is presented as 2 hundred, 7 tens, and 3 units = 273. 
  3. Ask the child how many hundreds, tens, and units are there in this number.
  4. Ask the child to make two numbers using the stamps and read the number. 
  5. Repeat as long as the child needs it.

To learn about the mathematical operations with stamp game, click on the links to the video lessons: 


Repeat this activity by asking the child to print, cut, and form the numbers using the stamps, as shown in the video.

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Video Created by: Maddy Taylor



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