floor scrubbing

This practical life lesson is designed for 3-6-year-old children to demonstrate the floor scrubbing activity. The activity enables them to carry out daily household chores.

Children love to mimic their parents and want to repeat some real-life activities. Scrubbing a floor is one such activity that educates the child about a practical life skill. It helps to develop a sense of order and coordination. It strengthens the finger muscles and increases concentration. 

Materials Required for Montessori Floor Scrubbing Activity.

  1. 2 pieces of clothes
  2. A sponge
  3. Soap
  4. A Scrubber
  5. Water
  6. 2 Buckets


Children must learn how to sweep a floor and how to wash an object.

How to Introduce Montessori Floor Scrubbing Activity to the Child?

  1. Invite the child to the table along with the scrubbing tray from the shelf.
  2. Mark a square on the floor and tell the child, today! We will scrub this portion of the floor.
  3. Familiarize the child with each cleaning material by naming them. This helps in building the vocabulary.
  4. Pour water into one bucket.
  5. Pick a scrubber and dip it into the water to soften its bristles.
  6. Now apply soap on the scrubber and start scrubbing.
  7. Throw the dirty water and put the scrubber back on the tray.
  8. Now, using a wet sponge, wipe the scrubbed area to remove the soap bubbles.
  9. Wash the sponge with water if required.
  10. Once done, using a try towel, wipe the floor. 
  11. This is how the floor scrubbing is done.
  12. Invite the child to try.

Repeat this activity by asking the child to scrub a small portion of their room and instill in them a sense of confidence and independence.

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