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This practical life lesson is designed for 1 to 3-year-old children. This video lesson guides them on washing an object. 

 Cleaning up after eating is an essential life skill. Teaching cleaning skills to the child leads to some fun moments at home and is also one of the most important aspects of parenting. This helps children become responsible and independent. 

Object washing is introduced to a child after the pouring activity. It allows children to help maintain the cleanliness and order of their surroundings. It teaches them to take care of things around them and assist in household chores.

Watch this video to learn the easiest way to teach the child how to wash objects.

Benefits of Washing Objects Activity

Teaching your child to wash an object has numerous benefits and helps with the development of various life skills.

  • It helps in strengthening the finger muscles, and promotes fine motor skills
  • It helps in increasing concentration and exercising self-control 
  • It helps the child to develop order and hand-eye coordination.
  • It encourages cleanliness, discipline and makes the children responsible
  • It teaches children to respect nature.

Materials Required for Washing an Object Activity 

  • Bowl
  • Water in a container
  • An object to wash (In the video, a medium-sized stone is used)
  • A scrubber
  • A sponge to wipe spilled water, if any

How to Introduce Cleaning an Object Activity

  1. Invite the child and tell them we will be washing an object today. It looks so dirty. Let’s wash them.
  2. Now, pour the water into the bowl.
  3. Dip the scrubber into the water.
  4. Ask the child to hold the stone in their dominant hand and the scrubber in the other hand
  5. To clean the object, start scrubbing it.
  6. Dip the scrubber into the water to make sure enough water is used to clean the whole object.
  7. Ask the child to clean the whole object.

Once the child masters washing an object, invite them to wash the dishes after dinner/ lunch. Such activities instill a sense of independence and help in boosting their confidence.

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Video Created by: James Bauckman


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